The Drawing of Three

Chapter One - Stage Complete

The Trial

Congratulations, you have completed the first chapter. Your edge pools
refresh, though your mastery pools do not.

Linus Rutherford Templeton: 6 Karma
+1: Finisher: Completed the chapter.
+1: Smart: Asked the right questions.
+1: Good Roleplaying: Followed his totem’s ideals.
+1: Exorcist: Destroyed a spirit.
+1: Item Drop: Gained a rare item.
+1: Samaritan: Saved an innocent.

Jake Chambers: 5 Karma
+1: Finisher: Completed the chapter.
+1: Brave: Attacked first in every encounter.
+1: Good Roleplaying: Didn’t hesitate to follow fate cues.
+1: Team Killer: Eliminated a Lieutenant team.
+1: Samaritan: Saved an innocent.

Kelraji Sivahara: 4 Karma
+1: Finisher: Completed the chapter.
+1: Ruthless: Killed everyone and everything that opposed you.
+1: Grunt Slayer: Killed all of the grunts in a chapter.
+1: Silver Tongue: Passed 3 different charisma-linked tests.



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