The Drawing of Three

Chapter Two - Stage Complete

The Drawing

Congratulations, you have completed the second chapter. Your edge pools refresh, though your mastery pools do not.

Jake Chambers: 7 Karma
+1: Finisher: Completed the chapter.
+1: Master: Demonstrated mastery of his chosen skill.
+1: Samaritan: Saved an innocent’s life.
+1: Enabler: Let an NPC choose her own destiny.
+1: Double Kill: Killed two enemies with one attack.
+1: Editorial: Posts were thoroughly edited.
+1: Mob Control: Killed the majority of grunts.

Kelraji Sivahara: 7 Karma
+1: Finisher: Completed the chapter.
+1: Deathblow: Every melee attack was a kill.
+2: Creative: Successfully used an improvised weapon.
+1: Fearless: Chose aggression over safety.
+1: Item Drop: Gained rare items.
+1: Boss Fight: Killed an enemy Lieutenant.

Linus Rutherford Templeton: 8 Karma
+1: Finisher: Completed the chapter.
+1: Faithful: Remembered the words of his totem.
+1: Exorcist: Banished a spirit.
+1: Family Man: Did his best to keep his family safe.
+1: Smart: Successfully used a knowledge skill in combat.
+1: Medic: Saved a team-member’s life.
+1: Wise: Talked his teammates into a better course of action.
+1: Tactical: Used spirits to divert enemy attention and gain strategic awareness.



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