Linus Rutherford Templeton

Summoner of the Fire-Bringer


Linus married his wife, Catherine, while he was a post doctoral student in Cambridge. She was studying Cybernetics (which eventually landed her a job working for RTPC). They have two daughters, Victoria and Beatrice, who are 8 and 5 respectively. They moved to Durham/Cary primarily for Catherine’s work, which has taken a steeper trajectory than Linus’. Linus job at Duke was, though a tenure track position, and he had worked hard to advance his theory of quantum astral dynamics, which he believes is a fully integrative description of Astral and Mundane spheres and a set of principles that govern their interaction. In particular, he advanced the theory as a theoretical architecture to create non-living, or partially living interfaces with the astral plane (currently impossible). Linus firmly believes that demonstrating the veracity of his fundamental theory is the key to bringing on a utopian age, though he would never tell anyone that out loud.

Two years ago, Linus published the first of his papers about a unifying theory, and was thoroughly disgraced. The dogma within the academe that these realms are fully separated was impossible to overcome, and he lost his tenure track position almost immediately. Now he struggles to make ends meet by continuing a lectureship at Duke while he ekes out the last of his funded grants. He knows that he will likely never receive another grant again, or publish another paper, unless he can somehow manage a resounding demonstration of his theory. To this end he is designing a power source, based off of non-living yeast extracts and complex machinery involving supercooled Helium in his small lab in a storage shed in North Durham. He works nights and weekends there, claiming to his wife that he is at work.

His marriage is in tension. His wife, seeing his struggles, wants Linus to be content with his simple lecturer position and be more present in their relationship and child care. She feels Linus being pulled away, and occasionally has caught him doodling in idle moments, talking to himself. She fears that he might be loosing his grip on reality, chasing a dream that will never materialize. She has mentally, though not physically, begun preparing herself to leave him.

Linus Rutherford Templeton

The Drawing of Three Crusher