The Drawing of Three

Chapter Three - Bonus Stage Complete

The LZ

Congratulations! You have completed the first bonus stage. Bonus stages provide an opportunity for the powers that be to commune with each player about their personal quest. Bonus stage rewards take the form of skill bumps rather than karma.

Kelraji Sivahara
Sword Dance: Used counterstrike to finish an enemy. +1 to Blades skill.
The Drawing of Aggro: Taunted a foe into attacking. +1 to Con skill.
Jahangirnama: Bore the mantle of emperor. +1 to Life of Jahangir Knowledge skill.

Linus Rutherford Templeton
Fell-Handed: Killed his enemies with a walking machine of doom. +1 to Pilot (Anthroforms) skill.
Dead Language: Studied the text of an ancient race. +1 to Khuzdul Language skill.
Power Stone: Bent the energy of an arcane device to his will. +1 to Arcana skill.

Jake Chambers
The Line of Eld: Held palaver to his own ends. +1 to Etiquette skill.
Cort’s Pedagogy: Took part in a gunslinger trial. +1 to Instruction (Combat) skill.



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