The Drawing of Three

Chapter Three - Stage Complete

The LZ

Congratulations, you have completed the third chapter. Your edge pools refresh.

Jake Chambers: 10 Karma
Finisher: Completed the chapter.
Morpheus: Won a game of the mind.
Item Drop: Gained a rare item.
Shot Caller: Assumed leadership of his party.
Samaritan: Saved an innocent’s life.
The Six-Chamber Path: Dealt a killing blow with the last round in a cylinder.
Enabler: Helped a slave escape his master.
Squad Command: Directed non-player characters in combat.
Worthy Friend: Fought to save those he chose to protect.
Worm of the Match: GM award for generally taking care of business.

Kelraji Sivahara: 10 Karma
Finisher: Completed the chapter.
Antagonist: Attracted the ire of an ally.
Duelist: Won a sparring match.
Pantheist: Gained the favor of a deity from another religion.
In Deep: Developing a complicated relationship with a non-player character.
Selfish: Chose his own safety over helping those in need.
Dress Up: Changed outfits twice in one chapter.
Hedge Knight: invented a compromise to half-solve two problems.
Bad Egg: Was kind of a jerk to his teammates.

Linus Rutherford Templeton: 9 Karma
Finisher: Completed the chapter.
Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!: Came to the table in costume.
My Mind To Your Mind: Used mindnet on a stranger.
Anthropologist: Developed a nuanced respect for a foreign culture.
Scientific Method: Used experiments to learn about the metaplanes.
False Idol: Coveted an artifact dedicated to another god.
Summoner Tactics: Used a spirit command to control the field of battle.
Boss Fight: Killed an enemy lieutenant.
Smart: Used a perception check to identify an enemy’s weak points.



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